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We have partnered with Tom Davis Triathlon Coaching to help you through your triathlon training. Tom Davis offers one-to-one coaching as well as bespoke training plans all designed to help you on your journey to reach your goals, whether that be to complete a local event or a junior elite looking to progress their career. Beginners and experienced athletes are welcome.

Tom is an experienced triathlete with knowledge of the Dengie Event triathlons - read his story and event reviews below.

The Story so far...
I’m excited to partner with Dengie Events, and provide training plans for their events in 2017, as well as offering all competitors discounts on my bespoke training plans. It seems the perfect partnership; as the Big East Triathlon was the first event that I ever entered, and this seems a great way to give back some of the experience I have collected during my swift journey progressing through the sport, to where it all started.

After several years playing Water polo internationally, I decided that I needed a new challenge, and seen as I had done a fair bit of running as a junior, triathlon seemed a logical step…

Initially I had a look for local triathlons – and hence came across the Big East triathlon. After reading several very positive reviews of the race, and fancying experiencing an open water swim, I bit the bullet, and entered the challenge distance. I had about three weeks to prepare, and then all of a sudden it arrived. So on a freezing cold, grey, May Sunday morning, I was putting my wetsuit on for the first time. The weather was so bad, that the swim had to be shortened, and after a brisk icy dip, I was first out of the water which was a nice surprise, and then out onto the bike. Mum told me afterwards that the 90 minutes I spent out on my bike was the most nervous she had ever been (as I was never what you would call a competent cyclist…) Finally, feeling as close to an ice cube as it was possible to be, out onto the 10k run, and I’ll never forget the feeling of that first run. However, the spectacular views more than made up for the pain I was in, and finally I finished in 12th.

The conditions would have broken many, but I had the bug, and as soon as I got home I entered the Maldon triathlon, a few weeks later, after experiencing the professional organization, and the picturesque courses that Dengie Events provide.

From my first event, I have had a very swift progression, gaining selection for the GB age group team in just my first season. This combined with my move to Loughborough University to study sports science, resulted in me becoming part of the elite performance squad, training alongside the World Class funded athletes based there. Through the past couple of years, I have progressed from podiums at local events in my first season (2014) to then competing in the Elite British Super series in 2015 along with a couple of Elite European cups for the GB senior team. 2016 continued in the same form, with European cups, and major UK podiums at races such as Windsor triathlon, Bala triathlon and the Stoke- on-Trent elite wave. Throughout the years however I’ve returned year on year to race the Big East triathlon, as it’s a true test of where your fitness is at with the trail run, and rolling bike, the organization is up there with some of the best races, and the courses are quiet, and provide some spectacular views over the bay.

This year my main target is the Elite U23 European championships in August, and in order to qualify, my early season will consist of travelling to European Cups, along with the major British drafting races such as Blenheim, and London triathlons. Then, depending on how results go during the course of the year, I am hoping for some later season world Cups.

I will also be including some non drafting races in my program to mix things up, and I quite enjoy the format – just pushing as hard as you can and the best man wins on the day. This isn’t necessarily the case in drafting races as sometimes they can become tactical, and although they are very exciting, not necessarily the truest reflection of the fittest athlete on the day. I have also been awarded my PRO 70.3 race license so am planning on racing Challenge Gran Canaria, in April, and hopefully a couple more towards the end of the season.

I would definitely recommend any of the Dengie Event triathlons to beginner athletes, or seasoned competitors alike. The events cater for all abilities with challenging swims, but with plenty of options for those who are less confident in the water, and with super water safety support, so you never feel too far away from help if you find yourself in difficulty. The bike courses are again a true test, but can be taken at your pace, with very generous cut off times, and provide a lot more variety to the multi lap out and back courses you can get at many bigger events. Finally the run, in my opinion the best aspect of the Dengie Events; Spectator friendly (especially the Maldon Triathlon), so your friends/ family can really feel a part of the event, but running through pretty beach side villages and out across the bays is certainly a highlight for me meaning there is plenty to take your mind off the pain of what can be for most the hardest aspect.

In my opinion, if you are in doubt, give it a go. You won’t regret it. And if you want some help to make sure that you can enjoy your chosen event to the full – and be proud of your achievement, whether that be make the finish line, or you are going for the win in your age- group, then check out my training plans designed to deliver you to the start line. And if you want something more specific then get in contact for one of my bespoke coaching, or one to one coaching packages, with special prices just for the competitors of Dengie Events.

Good luck and I hope to see you at one of the Dengie triathlons soon - Tom Davis.

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