Swim Training

Tri 'N' Swim WELL have been established in Rochford for over 7 years in their state of the art swim coaching facility. Tri ‘N’ Swim WELL features an Endless Pool and is located near the Golden Cross in Rochford, Essex. They offer a wide range of swimming lessons and coaching sessions, whether your a beginner, triathlete, even if you have a strong fear of water, they can help. All of their swimming coaches are Total Immersion qualified coaches.

Open Water Swim Days:

Open Water Group Sessions are taking place throughout 2017.

With 2 instructors in the water and a teaching ratio of 1:7 let us take you through a series of open water skills to make your race experience much more enjoyable. Advanced groups can work on drafting and group starts, less experienced swimmers will work on cold water acclimatisation and sighting. Session price £13 per hour.

As well as the group sessions, 1:1 sessions with Gill or Dawn are available. The session can be recorded onto DVD for you to use as a reference. We will work on one or 2 elements of your stroke to make you faster and more efficient. We provide refreshments and encourage you to stay around and watch other swimmers and talk to the coaches about any concerns you may have. Our stock of wetsuits, hats, socks, gloves and goggles will also be available to view and purchase.

To book any of the coaching sessions please call Gill on 07919205498. All coaching sessions must be paid for at time of booking.

For more information please visit the Tri 'N' Swim WELL website or contact them on: 01702547936 or trinswimwell@gmail.com

Gift certificates are now available at the Tri 'N' Swim WELL online store and can be used towards purchasing any product or coaching session.

Currently Tri 'N' Swim WELL are offering all of our 2017 competitors a 10% discount on any product they buy throughout the season. Enter code dengie2017 at checkout. Please note that discount cannot be used against any coaching.

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